Wednesday, July 26, 2006

05. skip divided

im in a skip divided malfunction
i flap around and divebomb
franticly around your light
enveloped in a sad distraction
i got your voice repeating endlessly
could you guide me in
could you smother me
i swoop around your head
but i never hit
im blinded by your daylight
electric veins passed through me
i thought there was this big connection

i only got my name
i only got this situation
i just need a number and location

without appropriate papers or permissions
im known to bite in tight situations
and as i head into french windows
i thought there was a big connection

i only got my name
i only got my situation
i just need my number and location

but the mole keeps telling me hey hey hey hey
the devil may hey hey heyhey
you are a fool for sticking round

ive tried every trick in the book
oh how come i
how come i loose

no one can undress your elliptical caress
dont look into my eyes
coz i'm desperately in love

when you walk in the room everything disappears
when you walk in a room its a terrible mess
when you walk in a room i start to melt
when you walk in a room i follow you roun dlike a dog
im a dog im a dog im a lapdog
im your lapdog

i just got my number and location
i just need my number and location

Now is that one of the love songs that you referred to earlier on?

Thom: Yeah... kind of. It's a bit messed up for that. It sounds like it's more of a love song than it really is. It's actually a song... it's more about the dislocation than anything else to me. when I... when I sing it, I always have this image of slick black oil.

So that's what you're thinking about when you're performing that?

Thom: "Yeah... that and sex."
--XFM | 21 August 2006

The world presented in The Eraser is full of paranoia and scary dysfunctional stuff.

Thom: I bet you thought, 'Oh, he's at it again...' (laughs). It certainly gets very dark in the middle, yeah - with 'Skip Divided', which is about complete disconnection.

That song sounds like someone having serious problems in their inter-personal relationships. Is it autobiographical? Or do these words just appear out of your mouth?

Thom: It's always both - he said, being nice and evasive. You always take things from what's happening to you and whatever psychic garbage that's lodged in your head.
--Mojo | July 2006


Blogger Constance said...

the Skip Divided lyrics seem to be the most off from what's on the album.

10:28 PM  
Blogger wierd fishee said...

Hi constance!
He changed them a bit more when he performed the song live for the radio. I will post those lyrics in here as well. For the most part Thom didn't change that much, except the choruses are longer, but I think he did improvise a bit from what he wrote.

12:42 AM  

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