Sunday, August 13, 2006

02. analyse

a self fulfilling prophecy
of endless possibilty
in rolling reams across a screen
in algebra in algebra

in fences that you cannot climb
in sentences that do not rhyme
in all that you can never change
the one your looking for

it gets you down
it gets you down

theres no spark
no light in the dark
it gets you down
it gets you down
youve travelled far
what have you have found
that theres no time
theres no time
to analyse
to think things thru
to make sense

by candles in the city
you never looked so pretty
by powercuts and blackouts
sleeping like babies

it gets you down
it gets you down
you're just playing a part
you're just playing a part
you're playing a part
playing part
but theres no time
theres no time
to analyse

Q: "Your writing has always been intensely personal and conflicted, but because your voice is so up front on The Eraser, the words and images come through so vividly, as in 'Analyse'."

Thom: "[sings] 'Powercuts and blackouts/Sleeping like babies.' I used to live in central Oxford, on one of those historical streets, with all these houses built in the 1860s. I came home one night and for some reason, the street had a powercut. The houses were all dark, with candlelight in the windows, which is obviously how it would have been when they were built. It was beautiful."

(Rolling Stone, june 1st 2006)


Anonymous Anonymous said... tus posts en la pagina de Radiohead....mi nombre es Guille, soy de Argentina...te dejo mi mail para que me agregues... me gustaria cambiar alguna ideas,...

5:47 PM  
Blogger wierd fishee said...

¡Hola! Gracias, Guille. Yo estoy viviendo en Barcelona, España por ahora. Te escribiré pronto.

12:38 AM  
Anonymous .: fed :. said...

hello wierd fishee... it's been months i wanted to thank you for your great work of collecting everything related to the eraser and radiohead's new album. that's really a very very useful job for me!

i read lots of your posts on atease and i found you're a very smart and loyal fan! see you at the next gig... well sometime soon!

a huge long date RH fan :) ciao da milano!


6:18 AM  
Blogger wierd fishee said...

Thank you, Federico. I'm glad my blog was useful for you. Do you have a Radiohead site? Hope to meet you some day!

4:02 PM  

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